Eight word poems and letter images

By Alexander French & Tanja Maria Laugesen

May 2nd – Jacob Buris – “eight word poems and letter images”

The first thing we did on this windy Tuesday was working with a poem only consisting of eight words called “regn søvn blå kys” by Søren Ulrik Thomsen.

Afterwards we were given the assignment to do one of our own, in pairs. Jacob Buris showed us the painting “Mendel Levin Nathansons ældste døtre, Bella og Hanna” from 1820 by C.W. Eckersberg, from which we had to find eight, one syllable words mainly nouns or adjectives. We were instructed to create a poem of similar structure as the one presented to us in the beginning of class with the words we found. Alex and I paired up and ended up with this eight-word poem:


Hair light green dress    

Cage bird look girl

Hair light green dress

Cage bird look girl


Haircage, lookdress

Birdhair, lightgirl

Cagegirl, birdgreen

Dresslight, greenlook


After creating out poems, we had to present it for the other students, but not by just reading it aloud. We had to decide on intonation and tone of voice when reciting the poem. This would of course effect the way the different words and structures would be perceived.

After finishing the presentations of our eight-word poems, we had to choose a favourite animal and write the name of the animal on a piece of paper. But it was supposed to be written vertically instead of horizontally. We then had to switch papers with another student who would then describe the animal with words starting with the letters of said animal.

I chose owls and Alex filled in the description. It turned out like this:







After getting our own animal back, we had to make a coherent poem using the words given to us by the other student. Furthermore, we had to continue making a pattern of letters that would spell out the name of our animal in a diagonal line when reading the poem. E.g. to get the diagonal line to spell out owls I would have the second word in the second line starting with a W and the third word of the third line starting with an L and so forth. This is my final owl-poem:


Omnipotent beings in forests we find

Wordless Wisdom, as signs in our mind

Laughable kings, Lonely in flight

Swivelling creatures comes Silent at night


Alexander’s poems on wolfs:

We had to write a poem of our favorite animal. We then had to give the word (Wolf) to the person on our right. They then had to give us words that we had to incorporate in our poem. I decided to further challenge myself by only using words with the letters of the word (Wolf).

W – WILD.                                     Wild wild wolf with wilderness worth

O- Obedient.                               Of oppressive oppressor, obedient obey

L- Large.                                         Labeled large, lonely laborious liberty.

F- Family.                                       Family feuds, familiar ferocity. Fearing failure




When our animal poems were done, we had to create an image or a drawing of our animal, still only using the letters of the animal. Other than using the letters to draw the animal, we also had to spell out its name, but without it seeming obvious. Last, we had to sign the drawing with our initials, but not by using the letters of our initial. Instead, we had to use the numbers corresponding to our letters in the alphabet. Mine being T and L I had to use the numbers 20 and 12. Furthermore, we had to join the numbers in a way that would be an artistic signature. This is how my owl drawing/number-signature turned out:



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