The waxman and the statue

By Tanja Maria Laugesen

April 6th – Susanne Skou Kristensen – “Art as storytelling (and wax)”

This was the last lesson before we entered the Easter holidays. We each got a small lump of black wax and were told to make a figure of it. Personally, I made a little man. When the moulding was done, we saw some inspirational pictures on how you can use miniature figurines in real world situations, thus telling a story. The little man in the big world was as much a project about seeing the things around you in a different perspective, e.g. a puddle as a lake or even the sea, as it was about creating a story with a single or few pictures. I found this task quite fun to do and ended up bringing my little wax-man to my parents over the Easter to do more photos. It was easy coming up with ideas for fun and quirky pictures and situations to put my little wax-man in, but it proved a rather difficult task to come up with a situation where you in only one or two pictures could tell a story. Many of the ideas I had, which I of course found to be brilliant, didn’t get to see the light of day. Easter 2017 in Denmark was a wet one! I would have had him bowling on the white stripes in the middle of the road, cars driving by. In addition, I would have had him skating on a finger skateboard at the skate park with the real skaters in the background. But, besides missing the actual story behind the pictures, I decided that playing with the cars for a miniature wax-man to go bowling might be a little risky. And as I turns out, when the sun is not out neither are the skaters. But. I did manage to get some great pictures. Below you can see my favourites and there are more to be found in the gallery.


Because I took this little guy on so many adventures, and because he was made of wax, he hardened fast in the cold weather and was very fragile when I had to reposition him. Therefore, I cheated slightly and got my hands on some black play-dough and made a second figure who was more flexible than the original wax-man. This is somewhat visible in the way the sun reflects off the surface.


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